I would like to welcome and recognize seven new Board members: Ron Yamabe, Chris Tange, Mayuko Russell, Tammy Lau, Ralph Kumano, George Takata and Jerry Palladino. Each one has already become active in the various committees of the Shinzen Board and I thank them for their dedication and willingness to volunteer their valuable time between very busy work and service schedules to serve as members of our Board.
Because the City does not provide a full time gardener to maintain the nearly six acres of specially trained trees and shrubs as featured in Japanese Gardens, our Landscape Committee Chairman Ron Yamabe, assisted by Chris Tange, Richard Kassabian, Judy Shehadey, Donna Schiefer, Ralph Kumano, and Roger and Karen Tsuruda, plus many volunteers, including students, service clubs and master gardeners, have done an outstanding job maintaining our Garden for our visitors to enjoy.
In order to support the programs, services, and events Shinzen Friendship Garden provides we are dependent upon the time, talents and donations of many. With the addition of the Clark Bonsai Collection at Shinzen, the updating of the ceremonial tea garden and house, plus the construction of the new roof for the tea house, we were fortunate to secure significant donations above the funds raised through memberships and fundraising events. The needs continue for our garden. In time, working with the City and their planning team, a much needed new irrigation system is needed to sustain our beautiful landscape. We continue to focus on our vision as an exemplary North American Japanese Garden and inspiring cultural destination.
Through donating to Shinzen, the generous citizens of Fresno and the central valley, have helped to build and secure our garden. Continued giving of time, talents, and gifts will address sustainability now and in the years to come. Thank you for commitment to the future of Shinzen Friendship Garden. 

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