The goal of these, “Shinzen Friendship Garden and Clark Bonsai Collection Education Modules” is to make it possible for 3rd-12th grade students to continue to benefit from our programs. The modules are video and audio formats with supporting PDF e-documents. While our program will be geared towards 3rd-12th grade teachers and students, we have designed them so that the general public can also access this media.

Discover the uniqueness of the Koi. A a mutated form of carp and display a vareity of colorful markings. Each Koi has its own color palette.

Become familiar with the basic design concepts of a Japanese Garden. Learn the three key features that make Japanese garden unique.

Learn about the Japanese bonsai art of “Yamadori” – using natural gathered trees in the wild and used as bonsai works of art.

The 1939 Lantern is the largest lantern standing at the entrance to the Autumn garden, one of the four seasons in the Shinzen Garden. Donated to the City of Fresno as a gift.

Although some bonsai may be hundreds, or even thousands, of years old, often younger bonsai trees are made to look older by applying various techniques.

Bob Hilvers, the Curator of the Clark Bonsai Collection located inside the Shinzen Garden, brings insight as to what the Art of Bonsai can be.

The Toro Nagashi Ceremony is a Japanese tradition, at the end of the Obon, where the visiting family spirits are guided back to the spirit world.

These trees are the decendants of the only surviving camphore tree from the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan in WWII. They are a symbol on international peace.