A woman pruning a Sago palm

Summer Gardening Tips

Don’t Let Weeds Take Over
Weeding and thinning should be at the top of your to-do list. Plants can’t grow well if they are being crowded out, and weeds are especially tough competitors.

Thin Out Plantings
If you started some early or mid-summer plantings of beets or carrots, it’s time to give them room to form their fat roots.

Fertilize for a Boost!
Plants, like people, need to not only drink water but also eat for nourishment! By now, their soil may be getting depleted of nutrients.

Plant New Vegetables
Planting a new round of crops will keep your garden productive into fall. Remove any spring crops that have gone to that big farm in the sky and plant some new vegetables in that space.

Scout for Pests
Scouting for insect pests (the unwanted visitors) frequently will help you keep ahead of any population explosions of garden destroyers.

Harvest Often!
Harvesting often will keep your plants flowering and producing more fruit.

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